Free Families From Slavery

Modern Slavery: Bonded Labor

Although the practice of bonded labour is common in several parts of the world, in Pakistan  the systematic enslavement of generations of workers is widespread.

What You Need To Know:

  •      Families in Pakistan have been enslaved through debt
  •      It is passed down from generation to generation with no end in sight
  •      God's Fellowship Ministries offers aide to these families:
  •               - Bibles and Audio Bibles for those who can't read.
  •               -Holiday Dinners
  •              -Evangelism, Teaching, Baptism and Prayer
  •      Ultimate Goal is to BUY Families their Freedom

Al Jazeera Article:

You Can Help!

Any support you can offer would help free families from slavery today and for generations to come!

Mission work among brick kiln workers in pakistan

Brick Kilns workers modern slaves in Pakistan

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Brick Kiln workers are  modern days first , second or third generation debts slaves in Pakistan and other countries. If you are interested to know more about , please  it keep reading scroll down the page. Thanks.  

2017 reaching out reach Brick Kiln workers in Pakistan

2017 brick slave outreach keith begly pakistan jesus gods fellowship ministries  emmanuel doulat

Thanks evangelist Keith Begly visited Pakistan with pastor Emmanuel Doulat. we are thankful to him to be part of saving souls among them by  preaching, teaching, praying, feeding these out reach brick kilns workers in Pakistan. to see more pictures scroll down the page please, thanks.  

2017 reaching outreach Brick Kilns workers in Pakistan


Thanks Evangelist Ken Young to join Pastor Emmanuel Doulat to reach out reach people brick kilns workers in Pakistan. we reaches these out reach souls by preaching the Gospel , praying for them, inviting them to accept Jesus Christ , and feeding them after preaching. if you want to see you more please keep scrolling the page thanks. 

2018 taking the Gospel to brick kiln workers in Pakistan


Thanks to Evangelist Brian Adams to join pastor Emmanuel Doulat to take the Gospel to out reach brick kilns workers in Pakistan in 2018. We preached the Gospel , prayed , Gave gifts , and feed them. to see more pictures keep scrolling the page. 

April 2019 Outreach to Brick Kilns Workers Mission Trip Pakistan. This fam


Thanks to Rev. Richard Showalter to join Pastor Emmanuel Doulat to take the Gospel to outreach brick kilns workers in Pakistan in April 2019. We preached the Gospel to save souls among brick kiln workers, prayed for them, Gave financial gifts, feed them, and , made a family of 10 members free out of generational slavery by paying their whole debts. Thanks for all of your prayers and financial support to send us on this mission trip. 

2006 our ministry team visiting Brick Kilns workers


This ministry had started from my father. He has been pastor in Pakistan since 1974. He has been reaching out reach groups of people working on brick kilns . i started ministry with my father and continue it reaching brick kilns workers. 

This family was made free out of slavery of Brick Kiln workers . please click on picture below


Younas Masih is 50 years old married and have 8 children. He and his wife have been very sick because of working hard in hot and cold weather to bring up their children. their children also have been making bricks to help their parents and could not go to school. CCI God's Fellowship Ministries of Pakistan paid of their whole debt and made the whole family is free. Thanks for your prayers and financial support to make this happen. God bless all of you. 

Feeding Brick Kiln workers


Brick Kiln workers are very poor people under generational slavery. its great privilege and opportunities to serve these people with food after preaching the Gospel to them. Thanks for your prayer and financial support to do this mission work in Pakistan. God bless you all.   

Preaching the Gospel to brick kiln workers


Brick Kiln workers work so hard , most of them do not have opportunity to attend church and listen the Gospel.  CCI God's Fellowship Ministries send pastors to brick kiln places to preach them right there at their work. your prayers and support is great blessings for us to keep this mission continue in Pakistan. God bless you.  

Giving away brand new clothes to women and kids who works on Brick Kilns


Brick Kilns workers hardly get brand new cloths because of poverty . CCI God's Fellowship Ministries of Pakistan preached about 250 brick kiln workers and gave away free brand new clothes to women and kids to show the love of Christ . Thanks for standing with us to keep continue this mission work in Pakistan. 

Financial Support to brick kiln worker families


When we visit families of working on brick kilns. its heart breaking to see their poor situation  very hard to feed their children and families. CCI God's Fellowship Ministries of Pakistan chose some very needed and poor families to help them financially . Thanks to all of your prayers and  financial supporters to keep this mission continue in Pakistan. God bless you all. 

Giving free Audion Bibles to brick kiln workers


if not 100% but more than 90% brick kiln workers are illiterate . They are not able to read and write. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. CCI God's Fellowship Ministries of Pakistan giving away free audio bibles to them .so they can hear the word of God every day. These audio bibles works on solar system they do not need to put any battery or charger and they are in Punjabi , Pushtu , and Sindhi Pakistani languages. God bless you all of our prayer and financial partners. Thank to all of you. 

Brick Kiln debts slaved family made free October 2019 and vi

This family made free out of debt slavery


Thank you so much for all of your prayers and financial support to stand with us in helping  brick kiln debt slaved families  to make them free out of slavery in Pakistan. This family of 8 people , father, mother and six children were  made free by paying off their whole debt. They were so thankful to God , and for all of you who helped to do this. we had a thanksgiving service at their freedom event , we invited their relatives, friends, and colleagues in this service . it was great opportunity to share the Gospel with all of them. we also arranged to feed all of them. to see more pictures click on the picture above. 


we visited different families to made free for next turn


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Video Modern Days legal Slavery Brick Kiln workers

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 CCI God's Fellowship Ministries mission work among brick kiln workers in Pakistan.

Brick Kiln Persecution

Check out this great video of 5 minutes about Brick Kiln Workers persecution  

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